Thirty Seconds to Midnight The Last Wakeup Call – Movie by Regis Tremblay

Thirty Seconds to Midnight The Last Wakeup Call – Movie by Regis Tremblay

The rush to sabre-rattle at N. Korea, the other day is proof, I see, to the adding upon of the already accelerating indications, that our United States of America is now, and becoming more overtly so, a fascistic reckless machine regime – AND coming apart at the seams! And that ain’t no efin’ “fake news” (the latest evidence: press-secretary Spicer’s, referencing a demonic nazi, hitler, (common noun intended), into his press briefing – SAYS VOLUMES)! The state, the obscene PRIVATE corporate-military industrial Goliath, now our “government” – NOW – is in our collective faces as the “The Corporation”. And they are going for broke – “our way or die” (à la bashar al-assad).

From the past C.E.O.’s of oil interests: Halliburton/Cheney and “W’s embrace, literally, of the Saudi monarchy – to “corporations are people” Romney – now to Trump (We almost got a Goldman Sachs clone, the Clintons 1 & 2, take yer pick). We now see a casino owner in the Oval Office! He sends cabinet members, unaccompanied by ANY corporate press, (loathsome as they are, they are all we got)! Head of state, Chinese President Xi Jinping, met PRIVATELY, at Mar-a-Lago – not the Whitehouse! Now this. Off the coast of northeast China seacoast and Korean peninsula.

Remember, five years ago, when the waiter recorded Romney lying? (On his cell phone) – AND just a few months ago, during the primaries, the fake article in the WaPo, that was allowed to be published by their new billionaire owner, Amazon’s Bezos. Bob Scheer’s Truthdig was accused of fake news by a bogus claim of a bogus source. Typical, though of scripted corporate corrupted Repub “newspeak” that turns on its head the truth and sends it back out in reverse.

THIS started the “fake news” of the FAKE NEWS FIASCO. Its poisonous reverberations threaten our Constitution, vis-à-vis, by making corporate news, now, entirely toxic. Indigestible! Corporate media’s day-to-day account of this Oval Office occupant – given en mass to American voters, has brought America to a mind-numbing, mind-imploding halt. A “clear thinking” stoppage. A Pandora’s Box opened – allowing an infectious, a sickly sweet putrification, to escape into the ethos, a noxious vapor, not unlike the fictitious ephemeral “genie” who can conjure-up “fantastic thinking”. An ecstatic delusional plane, that can send many people of certain religious zealot bents on tirades of complete insanity. Dr. Helen Caldicott, you interviewed R. Reagan, and found him to be borderline, mentally challenged. But he got your message about nukes, THANK YOU!

What are our chances now? WATCH THE VIDEO –… (75 mins)

Also this video with the late John Trudell –… (6 mins) gives the Indigenous Peoples’ perspective.


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