Plutonium Plantation Homelessness

Plutonium Plantation Homelessness

That’s my Bud! Edward Abbey! Miss you, Ed. 

Homelessness is not just life without a shelter, but life without a “Commons” – a collective “home” kept up – and running by social contract. Where are the community health and recreation centers, public restrooms with showers, laundry and lockers? (Thank you, Your Holiness Pope Francis, from myself and others to hear that the poor of Rome have free laundry!) So? So, where are the free public phones and city-wide wi-fi, paid through “Progressive” taxation? Imagine our Commons as safe for children, the elderly, hitchhiking travelers to pitch a tent – these needs can be met! Progressive means, “All in no one out!”

NO MORE ISOLATION – ENOUGH is ENOUGH! America, let’s envision our selves as a true nation “Of The People, By The People and For The People” – FAMILY! – Get it? Mr. & Mrs. “Corporate-bashed Citizen”? I get it. And I know that at least 13 million “Berners” “got it” – in 2016.

Noam Chomsky, You ROCK!!!!!!! The Prospects for Survival

To boil water for steam-powered electricity, the banksters provide money that is contaminating Earth, Our Commons, for thousands of years into the future. Burning unimaginable amounts of fossil fuels into our atmosphere is criminally ignored. Fissioning mined, then refined Uranium 235, into millions of tons of metallic radioactive products to boil water, is incredibly insane. Nuclear waste has YET to begin to be dry-casked at 450+ nuclear reactors! Many sites have been operating for multiple decades and many more lie idle, awaiting decontamination (at costs of $multi-billions$ per site). Poisonous from day one to millions of years is unacceptable. Radionuclide contamination from nuclear powerplants is unavoidable AND NOT ACCEPTABLE! Thousands of tons of thermo-nuclear fusion bomb fragments have been exploded into perpetual atmospheric suspension, already.

Are Planet Earth & all of Life’s Gifts just grist for the doomsday death cult of the very stupid corporate class? The US duopoly system is corporate-rigged; and locally, our electoral systems of machine-counting ballots, have been found to be rigged, too – criminally manipulated by individuals yet unknown.

No Indy 3rd party has been welcomed into American politics for over for 2 centuries. We good-intentioned citizens have been “giving it our all”, but still have not produced a single, permanent, opposition party that has been able to breakthrough the mine field of the anti-democratic, duplicitous corporate criminality. These so-called corporate “people” that never die, somehow have been written into law as having the same Rights as WE, the alive and mortal beings. Cowards of commerce are still peddling the same immortal lies for 40+ election cycles. BUT NOW – Earth is in peril.

We citizens (the US & the world over), especially of colonial empire, need to electorally take over. Here in the U.S., one or the other of our two, faux, so-called – representative parties – the corporate-owned Republicans or Democrats – might as well be monarchies. (In Nevada, last year, didn’t that snarky Dem lady seem just a little authoritarian? – you know, telling us to sit down! lol)

We could give a damn what to rename the current political party abominations, but ridding our selves of their bankster puppet masters, we must! As it turns out, Senator Bernie Sanders, has delivered the majority of 13 million primary voters to the Greens – or perhaps not the Greens – but a 2020 Surprise!

To explain whether the Dems can be turned back to the working people party, watch Bernie and the bankster-connected Perez, being discussed on The Real News Network: aired April 23, 2017 – about their current Dem-sponsored Unity Tour

The above link is of The Real News Network Round Table with Paul Jay, Aaron Mate and Kim Brown – discussing the above MSNBC News interview by Chris Hayes. My comment at TRNN, is reprinted here:

Paul, You nailed it, dude! I concur that Bernie will run in 2020 against another Clinton2-esque bought-and-paid-for actor. And yes, he will take the lion’s share of Dems with to another party. Not 18-million like last year, but tens of millions making this bankster-owned party’s toadies run for cover to the Repubs. Will Earth be inhabitable, when all is said and done? Meantime. People are STILL watching corporate media, i.e. MSNBC and FOX.

Glarey-eyed, maybe a six-pack or two and sooooo unbelievably isolated from the rest of their world of wilderness, oceans and moonlight, camping and campfires. Caring people in the streets protesting – but outa sight outa mind – to the cable-viewer. Families in the streets, who have work to go to, kids to raise, too! The new “Home of the Brave” right outside that door, down the street – a bus ride away to the protest. Protesting greed and criminality of the current bankster-couped government who occupy The Oval Office. Same in Argentina. Same in Brazil. An epidemic of cruel plutocrats, across the globe, are forcing their will on the 99% of us. Protests are essential to guaranteeing that these criminals cannot abrogate our right to protest. Some states already have bankster-financed bills being pushed through to criminalize the FIRST AMENDMENT – to use militarized police on us. Our Constitutional Right to Free Speech is really, really, really in jeopardy! The numbers of us who have made it out that door and away from cable are growing and are learning that we are many and not alone – fighting for our children’s lives …. a livable Earth.

I see the tipping point has finally arrived for a third party permanence. Ya gotta love the courage of this man, Bernie. Some myopic and disappointed followers didn’t get the “Movement” message firmly ensconced into their thinking. Some now, accuse this good man as a “sell out” – far from it. Bernie, it turns out, becomes the “dragon slayer of yore!” And it ain’t over yet!

The US is not a parliamentary system made of many parties, a better suited system for America, I feel – and would solve a lot concerning public debates! American political history began as us ordinary working people and the landed gentry, temporarily joining forces. Together, they accomplished regime change through pressing a Revolutionary War of Independence. Since, we moved from non-industrial, peasant share croppers, into a duopoly-controlled political structure; while the landlord-owner elites gobbled-up their renters’ and indentured servants’ time and energy. Greedy back then, already! lol

Now, the oligarchs own almost everything – but keep it? So they think! The Commons (essentials of Life) will never be “owned”. The banksters: the Dems and a more ruthless violent bunch, the Repubs – will never be sustainable actors in a world that depends on knowing how to preserve Life. Using the Precautionary Principle – ( – the Precautionary Principle is essential to utilizing scientific investigation. I would be surprised if any of the elites eats gmo food or lives downwind from a nuclear powerplant.

So, let’s look – from 1776 until now, third parties have come and gone, America is past post-agricultural and past post-industrial – and is now, stumbling through a period, of bankster-mafias. The same two duopolist parties have endured as family gangs, the “own-everything elites”. We had the Bush crime family and the now we see an emerging Clinton extended family-gang of privatized prison owners & pay-day lenders. And look! The cowardly banksters have dared to come out of their gated boardrooms and countryclubs to help their owner billionaire crime bosses run for President – Berluscone in Italy, Putin in Russia, Le Pen in France, Temer in Brazil, Macri in Argentina – and here in the United States of America, Yeow!

We can go deeper, but my point is: We the People, can become a “Bernie-led“, truth-telling, non-sectarian movement. We can and we will, capture the duopoly beast that the oligarchic “owners” have manufactured – a human beast of a machine, whose on-going, monumental betrayal of a free society – whose sweatshop production of fear and loathing of the “other” –  whose lies have overwhelmed the (corporate) media since our nation’s founding – these “owners” have brought industrialized civilization to the brink of a brutal self-correction or perhaps, even annihilation. Prior to the last presidential primary voting, we GREENS were tryin’ our best to fight the good fight. (And we Greens are still the best choice, in order for Life on Earth to exist as we know it!) For a real chance, though, big voter turnout must happen – without selling-out to our core Green principles. “Yuge”, me thinks, will actually win the hearts and minds of most of our America’s working poor. (“Yuge” or huge was Bernie’s signature word during his whirlwind tour of dozens of U.S. cities and counties during his 2016 presidential Dem primary run.)

Not using organic cotton when it was available, last election cycle, was entirely – soooooo – NOT GREEN – for our Green Party memorabilia! lol – So, let’s never loose sight of our pledge to: Be Green! We Greens (I switched from a Green to a Dem, then switched for the last time – to a Green “Berner”).  Will all of us, who have been Plutonium Plantation raised – will we remember our  human need, to live and let live, while we share our Gift of Life, together, well and with dignity? We Greens are doin’ it Bernie style and pledge to make life a wonderful embracing home by restoring our “Green Earth Mama” back to health – an experience for all who want it. A choice between a lifetime of bliss or no planet – both are doable, but one is ……. Which will it be? The Greens can dig in their heels to stay away from the Berners – and same for the Berners. The solution is clear.

What do we mean by “Green”? We have drifted, I’m afraid from the core meaning of Green, due to politics. What is most “Earth friendly” is the litmus test. So, Green Party, let’s get it together. Earth’s last call is beseeching us to act sanely in her final death throws. We better team up with the thirteen million Berners, if you want me there.

Greens, stay independent. OKAY! That satisfies an ideological dream, but I and Mom Earth and millions want a viable third party. And the Green Party will be that first viable party! We Greens can say, one day soon: “See! We joined forces for our children.” “We became the sanity coalition of working Americans – a unified front against the banksters’ rush into fascism. A Green future IS what we want – a rigged duopoly will destroy us all – as though Rome raised its ugly, cruel, selfish self – again. We must recognize that beast in us and resist. To love one another, again, as we love our children. Bernie Rocks! Water is Life. Rock and Roll will never die!


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