Language – And the Corporate Weasel Use Thereof

Language – And the Corporate Weasel Use Thereof

The doctor above (12 mins), (at a New Jersey congressional district Q&A townhall), reams Repub congress critter, MacArthur, over the corporate welfare, “healthcare bill”, so-called “Trumpcare”.

***To the Dem candidates who believe that corporations, and their C.E.O.’s and major stock owners, are THE CAUSE of the problems that We the People and Mother Earth face. (THEY EFIN’ ARE!) *** And to those of you who could give a damn: You who receive checks from the corporate elites, for your services. Services that specialize in obfuscative language – language that deceives. Paid politicians, would-be Hollywood actors who instead, cover for the banksters. How else could the hoarding of mind-blowing, inordinately large sums of working people’s money, that was (legally) stolen – happen? Causing untold suffering of the poor, the young, the disabled, the immigrant and others – I WRITE TO YOU – BOTH!

Certain clichés, “weasel words”, are chosen specifically to illicit certain emotional responses, that corporate fraudsters use to boldface-lie to their constituents. Weasel words that give me, and I believe many hundreds of others, migraine headaches, eye-crossing reactions and brain-wrenching anger! I track these criminal behaviors on the Internet in people who are the fast talkers – and I get what they’re up to.

I stopped believing in all corporate claims, years ago, and since have become a steadfast skeptic of everything that these so-called “persons” promise as true. Honorability is totally foreign to these “people”. They throw the word “proud” around a lot. Killers are proud about what they do – but a feeling of honor? Let’s be honest, there has never been “honor among thieves or killers” – ONLY IN THE WORLD OF THE ALT-FACT. It is abundantly clear to me, anyone who embraces corporate-friendly policies anywhere these days, requires scrutiny, and definitely cross-checking of all claims. My soul quickly sprang back to life after leaving that corporate influence! Honor is NOT pride. Progressive is not an Insurance company.

Those of us who’re fortunate enough to not be homeless yet – and have access 24/7 to wi-fi or can afford an ISP service – and have a decent computer that is not a so-called “smartphone” (that seconds as a computer, requiring “free” apps to connect to sites) knows what is really going on in this world, today. We know where to turn! I dial-up Truthdig and Bob Scheer, WHO ROCKS! AND HE EFIN’ KNOWS WHAT THE HELL I AM TALKIN” ABOUT! Also, Common Dreams. The Intercept. The Real News Network. Democracy Now – And Word Press! The Huffington Post and The Guardian US have taken a dive, lately. Let’s hope, not for long.

So, for grins, try substituting “All in. No One out!” – or whatever YOU think ‘progressive’ means to YOU! Or, rather than: “I am so proud of him/her” for this or that – ELABORATE!  Say what’s in your heart: “I’m honored to know this or that person because ….” It’s about time that our representatives stopped the corporate cliché crap and started using !EXPANDED DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS! – so all of us citizens can begin to know who is telling the damn truth! AND CALL THESE ACTORS OUT – like here at a Repub’s townhall in New Jersey on explaining why he resuscitated d.o.a. “Trump Care” that just recently passed the House Chamber, barely. On Youtube: 


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