American Fascism Didn’t Just Now Show Up – For No Good Reason! No. Individuals Are to Blame. Not the Whole Damn Party!

American Fascism Didn’t Just Now Show Up – For No Good Reason! No. Individuals Are to Blame. Not the Whole Damn Party!

Everything being equal, Mrs. Clinton and Barack Obama, YOU BOTH oughta be hog-tied and brought before the “Berners” wing of the Democratic Party for GROSS MALFEASANCE – and made to apologize for your obvious addiction to power and need of large sums of cash – and to set things back straight! Apologize to We the People and Bernie.

Active leaders of the DNC, my arse! You two, together with your surrogates, forced upon America (and indirectly an alarmed world), an unwanted, fascist, corporate-coup governance. By not standing down, last election – so, We the People’s choice, Senator Sanders (who was leading in the polls) YOU TWO railroaded our Democracy! Bernie would have had a good shot at breaking the duopoly stranglehold of a neoliberal “privatization scheme” of the banksters, that continues to choke our Democracy to death and to kill democracy in other third world countries.

We, right now could have been witnessing the breaking-apart of the more than three decades of the Reagan regime’s assault on, We the People’s self-governance – without wall street meddling. Imagine, We might have been, now, free at last from the wall street mob of corruption, in the form of unbridled corporate capitalism. We now have an oligarch, Donald Trump, at the helm of our “ship of state” – the “corporate personhood’s” leader. A “leader” of an immoral, immortal, greed-centered machine, concerned only about making more and more money – to hell with anyone or anything else. Thanks fer nuthin’, you two knuckleheads.

Now, we the working people, have to get daycare for the kids, get carpools together to go to town, get time off from work, put off the restful and needed vacations , get, get, get! As if, We the People, don’t already have enough to deal with, i.e. a mess of an electoral system fraught with fraud and criminality – emanating from right-wing districts that back “privatization” of OUR COMMONS across America. So, now we have to hit the street to stop a March to Madness. A fascist in the White House? I think so. And he’s about to burn down our only home, Mom Earth, so he can please his business interests? Alice in Wonderland would have been much more tolerable analogy. But here, WE ARE FORCED TO THINK FRANKENSTEIN.


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