!Stop Shopping! A Dystopian Glimpse

!Stop Shopping! A Dystopian Glimpse

Originally, I wrote this in April of 2013:

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Hunker Down Out There! Electric Bikes! Love Your Neighbor!

Lefties and Fundamentalist Christians Work TOGETHER Against

Climate Change? – Just Kidding? I bet maybe not!

Willie Nelson said it Right the other night, when calling into his favorite Talkshow Host, Mike Malloy, on Willie’s 80th Birthday, no less! Willie was last asked, [as I can best recollect.]

“So, what’s your take on the state of things in our country?”

Willie paused then replied, “We’re all gonna have to ‘hunker down’ and outlast those crazies that were voted in.”

A Shout Out To Uncle John’s Camp! Out on the EEL RIVER  “HEY! We Love You!”

The so-called Christian Right:

The fundamentalist Christians are few, but loud and well-funded. They’re way north of lunacy. The folks at “Woodstock” were “lunatics”. Like half the folks I know, who are funny, loving and caring. At “The” “Greatest” camping and music festival of all time, the “crazies” couldn’t handle the absolute absence of a “state-sanctioned” set of rules. The crazies left way before the three-day Love-in extravaganza got cookin’! Thank you for that!

So, there are “lunatics” and then there are crazies. The “crazies” need to be closely scrutinized. These strangers of We the People, show dangerous ideological rigidity, almost fanatical. The radical right in Washington these last years and decades hence will certainly prove my contention – that the gridlocked Congress will show what a toxic, anti-transparent democracy our republic looks like. Briefly, three HUGE examples:

Follow the years/decades-long attack on “The New Deal,” and “The Great Society”as well as secret blocks halting confirmation of critically needed judicial and cabinet appointments who are not given up or down confirmations. The “bankster class” trail of money must be investigated by citizen-journalists who may be our last chance to track down and show “John and Mary Q. Public” that the radicals on the right have infiltrated Washington. The media refuses to do their job. Our federal government (and many in states) are most certainly “connected-at-the-hip” with piles of cash, covertly funneled from billionaire so-called “Christian” backers and other crazies owning or running multi-national corporations. Where have all the “Beautiful People” gone – to “graveyards, everyone?”***

America’s Constitution and its critical 1st Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” and its destruction is “THE” sought prize of the Christian Right whose wet dream is an Islamic-styled Sharia fundamentalism, misogynous and xenophobic and akin to the fascist, Catholic church of the “Inquisition.” Water-boarding, anyone?

The t-party PACs are so well funded that Washington will remain frozen into permanent lockdown. The billionaires want nothing done and they don’t care – whatever it takes! Their certifiable crazies are making this a certainty.

Our America’s foreseeable future is within a hair’s breath of turning into a larger repressive, American Empire controlled by Mullah-like Christian Theocrats and their knuckle-dragging mercenaries. Huge, industrial-sized prisons are growing even larger, gulag-style with our tax dollars! While minimum-wage existence for those remaining outside these dungeons. Chattel. We’ve become Working-class slaves lorded-over by clerical mind-sets of old, white men – reminiscent of Saudi Arabia, et al. Disgraceful. 

Where do we “Hunker down?”

Some of us live in sweet places like Oracle or Flagstaff, AZ or in sweet enclaves in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Montana, N. California, Cascadia, New England or maybe a lanai in Hawaii.

Bob’s Camp beats most. I live where roads are dirt and winding around, up-and-down – bumpy roads until they get graded once-a-month. I’m a hunkerin’, too. Elevated garden plots are tough to create but they prevent upward burrowers and eliminate bending. They can be converted to winter greenhouses with thermal-mass heat, i.e. water-filled bottles or water-filled tanks that double as a watering source. They need built NOW and planted A.S.A.P.! For you city folks: Secure potable water sources – NOW! I be one! Check with me by email and stock up.

Get outa “Dodge,” if you can! Hook- up with a group that can connect on a moments notice, with minimal technology. Cross your fingers and try your best, but STAY CONNECTED somehow! Time is no friend to anyone any more, sadly. Internet Networking is crucial. Don’t be a stranger. When the thought grabs you, like me right NOW, get to a library, save up for a laptop and begin writing to all of your best and closest family for whom you care most. STAY CONNECTED.


We are living in a time when our very existence has been traded away for greed’s sake, leaving common folks with a “house-of-cards” to depend on. Reminds me of a popular children’s tale designed to terrorize tots into fearing a kicked-back lifestyle: “The Three Little Pigs.” The house-of-cards gets rebuilt at every storm-caused catastrophe, at every foreclosure and at every emergency room hospitalization that can’t be paid.

You folks in cities are tied to technology for life support. Out here, to lose power or to lose access to a properly running vehicle could mean big trouble! The poorest of us need cheap, reliable transportation, besides walking which is an energy buster if it is the only way to move around the “commons.” Sometimes we need to get some place, NOW. Maybe not in a hurry, but get there the same. City, “Camps” or Urban Co-ops must have face-to-face intercourse for a secured privacy.

Urban chaos is coming. Take it on the best terms possible. Folks will be walking, riding bikes and car-pooling just like in Montgomery, AL, 1955 when the bus boycott lasted 385 days! But it worked. The boys got the message.

Generally speaking, there are certain prescient issues that need to be resolved at any “hunker down” encampment, co-op or out here at Bob’s Camp. Bob’s Camp has only one gas-powered ’99 truck. Any catastrophic scenario that breaks the life-line of commerce with the city or other Camps or urban collectives must be addressed! For an urban dweller or here, that means stock-up on dry goods and potable water and rechargeable batteries. Grocery stores need to be open, well stocked and close enough to get there. 

Electric Bikes: And without messy paperwork or licenses!

An AFFORDABLE, alternative transportation approach can save the day for the vast majority of people around who are on Social Security or who have only minimum wage jobs. The electric bike can save the day. It’s reliable, cheap and renewable power from anybody’s off-grid system and readily accessible away from home base, though from privatization’s current corrupted carbon-radioactive and decrepit grid system.

Safe electric bike travel is best outa the big city, however, it’s your call! Yes, Electric Bikes, especially the ones with 48V LFP long-range(40-miles) capacity and a 1/2-hour quick-charger (in the works) 2-to-3-hour chargers are available now.

I like like the beefed-up Beach Cruiser with a comfortable seat. It must have the Direct Drive, rear wheel hub-motor and reliable front-disc and rear-drum brakes. At least 26″ or 700 mm wheels with large off-road fatty tires. It must be aluminum-framed, Shimano geared and front-fork and seat-post suspension! It can be rigged for light hauling. Extreme riders may want a mountain bike frame with both front hub and back hub direct-drive wheels. Kits ($250 and up, usually do not include batteries – LFP batteries rule!) Doing it yourself costs a fraction of the price of a new factory-built, full-on electric. The kits include rear or front direct-drive hub wheels, controllers and cables. Convert your old cruiser!! Or, start lookin’ for a project bike, NOW, if you are stuck in the poverty of a vulnerable, fixed-income.

If you are lucky to have lots of cash, (easy-pickins for the banksters!) – get connected to good food, clean air and potable water through owning a share of a Land Trust co-operative!!! Quick! While unpolluted, large tracts of  arable land are still cheap, so get lookin’ NOW!

Remember these mofo Days! The time when the “crazies” took over Washington and the Dallas oilmen ran rampant throughout creation. The craziness of religious fundamentalism and its toxic ideology is almost everywhere you look these days. People choose to continue childhood beliefs, often beat into them, well into their adult life. More stuff, newer stuff, cheaper stuff is a toxic scenario for a finite planet! American’s contentment to spend time in the similar-looking ubiquitous malls or fast-paced, fast-food chains and add endless schedules and appointments to keep.”Strange Days Indeed, Mama!”- John Lennon! 

Climate Change:

The high temp at Bob’s Camp was 95F TODAY! JUST 1-DEGREE LESS than Wittman, AZ’s ALL TIME record for the day. I predict a new record today. We’ll see.  YES! 4-29-2013, Carefree, AZ 103F ties a 39-year record. For your own curiosity, try  Here or  Here for weather stats. Summer Solstice, 2017 – 116°F!!!

YEOW!    YEOW!    YEOW!    YEOW!    YEOW!    YEOW!     

Maybe, we better grab onto our collective asses, ’cause a record-hot summer is a-comin’ and it will test our grit BIG TIME. It’s prompted me to store emergency food good for a few weeks or more and water 24/7!!!

By all safety standards, according to some, Phoenix is THE MOST vulnerable large city in the US, because of its common weather-driven heat-waves. But the mother of all heatwaves is in the making. Power outages during strings of 115F+ summer days and nights may kill hundreds – those unable to escape to a shelter because they were too far from accessible transportation!

If at all possible, Please! Beg, borrow or buy a reliable power system, at the very least, buy a gas-powered 3.5 to 4.5 KW 120 V generator then start accumulating up to 20 or so 12-volt deep-cycle back-up batteries (4-connected in series to 48-volts ) – Lithium-Iron Phosphate(LFP)*, better than deadly lead. They are the best way to go and last 5-10 years or 3000 recharge cycles. High capacity 48-volt factory modules, connected in parallel are best. Don’t forget the BMS** charge control system for LFP’s! You will need at least one(better 2) 4KW inverters-to-120AC. Either of these will power-up 1-2 18 cu.ft. refrigerator-freezers, 2-3 evaporative coolers, many lights and several computers/wi-fi/satellite Internet. The batteries can  be recharged from the grid when the power comes back or recharged from the gas generator. BUT EVENTUALLY spend $10-20 grand for a 10-15 KW photo-voltaic charging system on a steel tracking mast/rack. Does your grid-provider allow selling power back into the grid while keeping your batteries fully charged?

Heaven help any citizens who may have allowed their municipal utilities to fall into the hands of the so-called “job creators!” Control of our power is what TRUE FREEDOM IS ALL ABOUT!!!! We cannot live in hundred degree heat without power. They can turn it off or ‘on’ at any time. By hook or crook or just sheer incompetence!

Camps intending to house 10 or so people, with acreage will need:

in situ Water or look elsewhere. No water, no way!

2-3 refrigerator/freezers 

Internet communication

Several 20x30ft super Heavy-duty tarps with 200′ of rope

and 50  2-1/2″ or more spring clamps

2-3 10x14x8 ft canvas cabin tents

2 or 3 10×10 pop-ups(no cheap shit) with bug screen

100 or so 8x11x18″ concrete blocks

Enough 3/4″ 4×8 ft plywood for 2-3 tent floors

Water catchments (7′ cattle tanks work well)

Garden tools and maybe a small tractor

Solar outdoor lighting.

That’s more or less the rock bottom essentials. Way north of a couple’a grand anyway!! And, Yes, one small travel trailer converted into a kitchen with toilet and a small furnished living room for refuge during lightning storms.

Bob’s Camp still needs a sufficient photo-voltaic power system to be completely off-grid or at minimum  battery storage (see above). Meantime, we’re wishin’ for those LFP batteries and 2 4KW inverters. Heat wave is a comin!’

Hurricane Sandy victims could have been better prepared, if media had done their job beforehand and ran an information loop video with follow-up call-ins that walked residents through acquiring the proper and adequate survival gear. The negligent “4th Estate,” IS the corporate-owned press and well deserves the “Big Woody” salute!

Bob’s Camp is a-hunkerin’.

We run an Internet Communications Hub at IndyRiver@BeSolar.info. We catalog websites that offer-up Life-Sustaining Philosophies that celebrate the watching of each others backs during these hard times-a-comin’.

Try to meet your neighbors next door and even out “there” in cyberspace, too. We’re up and running with the back-watching thing. Cautiously, though, there are more than a few out there to avoid. Mutual cooperation, if only by emails and websites, may be all that we have as a means to pass along UNFILTERED local and world news. That is, until we are totally bugged, Goddess forbid.

Can the crazies bring down “the whole country and the entire World “house-of-cards?” For me, fb & twtr are no-goes. I refuse to be under even more constant surveillance than I am already with this email and when I talk on the phone. Face-to-face!! 40 years-ago and probably even today, geezers like me recall stories of the former U.S.S.R. and about their shameful media propaganda, police state and prison gulags.

Anything eerily deja vu here?

To avoid the KGB secret police snooping and wire-taps, People could not use technology, when they wanted real privacy. Today’s global and regional digital communications means walking, riding bikes or otherwise occupying public spaces to see each other or you might as well send The US spy agencies your letter of confession right NOW and save the frustration of worrying. Remember the end of “1984” when the guy confesses his “thought crimes.” We geezers were fore-warned about this censorship crap in our childhood. Remember 1st through 6th grades and “The Weekly Reader,” you elders out there?

But wasn’t the warning supposed to be about “THE MENACE?” – those “pinko commies?”

But I digress – again! lol

Please know I love you, whether you like what I do or not.

* What are LFP’s? http://www.homepower.com/articles/solar-electricity/equipment-products/lithium-ion-batteries-grid-systems

**What is a BMS? Click


***Pete Seeger – Miss you!


Bob Zavoda, Indy River Journal Editor

P.S. We the People, Every Street Corner, U.S.A.

WILL NEVER ALLOW 24 million U.S. Citizens

lose their healthcare! Every weekend until We take over the DNC!

EVERY DAMN WEEKEND: Pelosi. Schumer. Clinton. GO!

We the People never want to see you or any another corporate

betrayers of The People EVER, EVER, AGAIN!

American Fascism Didn’t Just Now Show Up – For No Good Reason! No. Individuals Are to Blame. Not the Whole Damn Party!

American Fascism Didn’t Just Now Show Up – For No Good Reason! No. Individuals Are to Blame. Not the Whole Damn Party!

Everything being equal, Mrs. Clinton and Barack Obama, YOU BOTH oughta be hog-tied and brought before the “Berners” wing of the Democratic Party for GROSS MALFEASANCE – and made to apologize for your obvious addiction to power and need of large sums of cash – and to set things back straight! Apologize to We the People and Bernie.

Active leaders of the DNC, my arse! You two, together with your surrogates, forced upon America (and indirectly an alarmed world), an unwanted, fascist, corporate-coup governance. By not standing down, last election – so, We the People’s choice, Senator Sanders (who was leading in the polls) YOU TWO railroaded our Democracy! Bernie would have had a good shot at breaking the duopoly stranglehold of a neoliberal “privatization scheme” of the banksters, that continues to choke our Democracy to death and to kill democracy in other third world countries.

We, right now could have been witnessing the breaking-apart of the more than three decades of the Reagan regime’s assault on, We the People’s self-governance – without wall street meddling. Imagine, We might have been, now, free at last from the wall street mob of corruption, in the form of unbridled corporate capitalism. We now have an oligarch, Donald Trump, at the helm of our “ship of state” – the “corporate personhood’s” leader. A “leader” of an immoral, immortal, greed-centered machine, concerned only about making more and more money – to hell with anyone or anything else. Thanks fer nuthin’, you two knuckleheads.

Now, we the working people, have to get daycare for the kids, get carpools together to go to town, get time off from work, put off the restful and needed vacations , get, get, get! As if, We the People, don’t already have enough to deal with, i.e. a mess of an electoral system fraught with fraud and criminality – emanating from right-wing districts that back “privatization” of OUR COMMONS across America. So, now we have to hit the street to stop a March to Madness. A fascist in the White House? I think so. And he’s about to burn down our only home, Mom Earth, so he can please his business interests? Alice in Wonderland would have been much more tolerable analogy. But here, WE ARE FORCED TO THINK FRANKENSTEIN.

Aboriginal Rights as Economic Rights: Whose Land is Canada Selling? / Lecture by Arthur Manuel (75 mins)

Aboriginal Rights as Economic Rights: Whose Land is Canada Selling? / Lecture by Arthur Manuel (75 mins)

Arthur Manuel passed last January, 2017. His bio – [Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Manuel%5D

Since 2003, he has served as spokesperson for the Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade (INET),[1] a network of indigenous nations working on the international level to achieve recognition of Aboriginal title and rights. Working through INET, Manuel succeeded in having the struggle for Aboriginal title and treaty rights injected into international financial institutions. Three of INET’s amicus curiae briefs were accepted by in World Trade Organization and one by the North American Free Trade Agreement showing how Canada’s failure to recognize and compensate Aboriginal people for the lumber taken off their traditional lands was a form of subsidy to the lumber industry. These rulings have set important precedents for Aboriginal title and rights in Canada.

This video says everything that needs to be understood about the European colonization of Canada and the U.S.,  as well – [https://vimeo.com/206464344]

Language – And the Corporate Weasel Use Thereof

Language – And the Corporate Weasel Use Thereof

The doctor above (12 mins), (at a New Jersey congressional district Q&A townhall), reams Repub congress critter, MacArthur, over the corporate welfare, “healthcare bill”, so-called “Trumpcare”.

***To the Dem candidates who believe that corporations, and their C.E.O.’s and major stock owners, are THE CAUSE of the problems that We the People and Mother Earth face. (THEY EFIN’ ARE!) *** And to those of you who could give a damn: You who receive checks from the corporate elites, for your services. Services that specialize in obfuscative language – language that deceives. Paid politicians, would-be Hollywood actors who instead, cover for the banksters. How else could the hoarding of mind-blowing, inordinately large sums of working people’s money, that was (legally) stolen – happen? Causing untold suffering of the poor, the young, the disabled, the immigrant and others – I WRITE TO YOU – BOTH!

Certain clichés, “weasel words”, are chosen specifically to illicit certain emotional responses, that corporate fraudsters use to boldface-lie to their constituents. Weasel words that give me, and I believe many hundreds of others, migraine headaches, eye-crossing reactions and brain-wrenching anger! I track these criminal behaviors on the Internet in people who are the fast talkers – and I get what they’re up to.

I stopped believing in all corporate claims, years ago, and since have become a steadfast skeptic of everything that these so-called “persons” promise as true. Honorability is totally foreign to these “people”. They throw the word “proud” around a lot. Killers are proud about what they do – but a feeling of honor? Let’s be honest, there has never been “honor among thieves or killers” – ONLY IN THE WORLD OF THE ALT-FACT. It is abundantly clear to me, anyone who embraces corporate-friendly policies anywhere these days, requires scrutiny, and definitely cross-checking of all claims. My soul quickly sprang back to life after leaving that corporate influence! Honor is NOT pride. Progressive is not an Insurance company.

Those of us who’re fortunate enough to not be homeless yet – and have access 24/7 to wi-fi or can afford an ISP service – and have a decent computer that is not a so-called “smartphone” (that seconds as a computer, requiring “free” apps to connect to sites) knows what is really going on in this world, today. We know where to turn! I dial-up Truthdig and Bob Scheer, WHO ROCKS! AND HE EFIN’ KNOWS WHAT THE HELL I AM TALKIN” ABOUT! Also, Common Dreams. The Intercept. The Real News Network. Democracy Now – And Word Press! The Huffington Post and The Guardian US have taken a dive, lately. Let’s hope, not for long.

So, for grins, try substituting “All in. No One out!” – or whatever YOU think ‘progressive’ means to YOU! Or, rather than: “I am so proud of him/her” for this or that – ELABORATE!  Say what’s in your heart: “I’m honored to know this or that person because ….” It’s about time that our representatives stopped the corporate cliché crap and started using !EXPANDED DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS! – so all of us citizens can begin to know who is telling the damn truth! AND CALL THESE ACTORS OUT – like here at a Repub’s townhall in New Jersey on explaining why he resuscitated d.o.a. “Trump Care” that just recently passed the House Chamber, barely. On Youtube: